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Régis Chabal, Yves Brayer, André Bizette Lindet,

Régis Chabal

L’Atelier Régis Chabal

mardi 27 avril 2004, par Webmaster

Originaire des Cévennes. Régis Chabal est né ? Paris en 1930. Il a étudié l’architecture ? l’école Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris et a suivi des cours de dessin et de peinture ? l’Ecole de la ville de Paris

Originaire des Cévennes. Régis Chabal est né à Paris en 1930. Il a étudié l’architecture à l’école Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris et a suivi des cours de dessin et de peinture à l’Ecole de la ville de Paris. Elève de l’Académie de la Grande Chaumière, il travaille avec Yves Brayer et fait parti de l’Ecole de Montparnasse où il cotoîe les peintres Aujame et Chapelin-Midy. On le retrouve ensuite dans l’atelier de François Bret à l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de. Marseille, puis à l’institut des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers en Belgique.

1941 Cordes Sur Ciel, rencontres avec Yves Brayer / André Bizette Lindet.

1946 Initiation au dessin Yves Brayer, période CAMARGUE.

1954 Concours Entrée École des Beaux-Arts, architecture / Atelier Arretche.

1959 Centre Marc Vaux, Montparnasse. École de la Grande Chaumière.

1961 Préface Tralbaut Marc-edo, Institut des Beaux-Arts d’Anvers.

1962 Exposition / 1ere Galerie des Orfèvres. Préface André Chamson.

1966 Séjour Malaga, École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille. Atelier François Bret / Marseille. Académie de Cimiez / Nice, avec Fontana Rosa.

1972 Voyage en Israël, patronage André Hambourg. Expositions : Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bielefeld, Lüdenscheid, Euskirchen, Rheinbach de 1972 à 1989.

1976 Citation Benezit, TOME 2.

1977 Illustration « Roux le Bandit. » Entretien avec André Chamson de 76 à 83.

1980 Voyage au Mexique, société Minéralière Franco-Mexicaine. « Frankreich in farbe » 25 Jahre Volkshochschule Burcheid.

1987 Colloque Cézanne Aix / Takanori-Nagaï, D.E.A : La marge Blanche chez Cézanne. Galerie de NESLE / exposition avec les artistes Japonais. E’ 87. 88. 89. Exposition Chapelle du Grand Couvent, Cavaillon.

1989 Rencontre avec les Japonais ( Festival d’OSAKA ) Exposition Galerie DJPONS « 30 ans de peinture Paris »

1996 Conférences sur Cézanne, Marseille. Exposition Mairie Bagatelle, Marseille. Club de l’étang de Berre, Villa Khariessa.

1998 Exposition Musée des Baux Arts d’Unet. Projet Collioure.

Regis Chabal When as of to day things are going fast, very fast, well known people with great name are promoted by tv and radio.The end result is not always perfect for the everlastingness of the star and his work like for the most beautiful orchid out of its roots.

So it is restful and mostly peaceful to meet the ones having his longetivity keeping in his eyes a little bit of their chilhood. Living apart from these idolized monster(but how many painters are please with these excess) Regis Chabal is one of those artists whose his rich life lead him to 50 years of painting.

This roots are in the Cevennes mountains .Born in Paris in 1930 Chabal found his place under the tight of the Provence county and the sparkling sun of the Alpilles mountains.

To win this treasure of peace and work,the young Regis studied. A skillful architect father and meeting in 1941 with Yves Brayer were the trigger of his choice : painter. Brayer became his model as early as l946.To improve his skillfulness and his knowledge Regis joints l’école des Beaux Arts de Paris then l’Academie de la grande Chaumière and belongs to l’école de Montparnasse.Then working in the same time with Brayer and others he visits Aujame and Chapellin-Midy. In 1966 after a stay in Malaga he is in Marseille. He joints the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Francois Bret shop.The same year he works at the Nice Academic de Cimiez with Lucien Fontanarosa.

Trips improuving experience he goes to Israel, exibits in several towns of Germany from 1971 to 1883.0thers exibitions take him from Paris to Mexico and Japan. The Benezit famous directory refers to him in its 1976 publication.The following year at the request of André Chamson, Chabal illustrates his book, "Roux Ie bandit" The work of Régis Chabal, wide and varied, takes us for a walk in his native Cévennes, to the peaceful swamp of Ville d’Avray, in traveling remembrance like the one in Mexico and more in the actual surrounding landscape. Alpilles mountains whose he became the poet, the vallon dc Valrugues, the Val d’Enfer, the Mont Gaussier, the millenial roman ruins and others wonderfull sites surronding the Baux de Provence since a long time do not have any more secrets for him and are his favorite patter for painting. With a strong gesture and in bright lints but never gaudy or provocative he patches on his canvas the magic scenery of the still authentic landscape

After 50 years facing his casel, the illustrator, the painter in water color, the Régis Chabal painter still charms his lovers and collectors with the same jevenality, the same fresness but with the mature skillness of a master.

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